Fortaleza El Coyotepe

Video: Fortaleza El Coyotepe Dungeon Tour

A video clip of our tour through the dungeons and torture rooms underneath Fortaleza El Coyotepe in Masaya, Nicaragua. Originally built in 1893 to protect the land, the Somoza regime later built dungeons 3 levels deep for their political prisoners. It housed at times more than 800 prisoners who lived there …

Streets of Casco Viejo

Yes, We’re Alive and in Panama!

It’s been a while since our last post, and for those starting to worry that we may be lost somewhere in the rainforest, have no fear… we’re alive! So much has happened in the last 2 months, but we’re still traveling and have found ourselves a new little casita in Boquete, …

View of the ocean and the jungle from our cabin

Quick Review: Dominical & Ojochal

About an hour and a half drive South from Costa Rica’s famed Jaco Beach on CR34 lies the sleepy beach town of Dominical (Playa Dominical).  I say sleepy and mean it in every sense of the word.  Other than the paved route 34 that takes you right up to the …

Farmers Market

Life in Atenas

Most days back in the States fell into a very monotonous routine where everything centered around work for both of us.  It felt like weekdays were a long blur and the weekends were the only times we could truly be ourselves. Due to the nature of our jobs, we found ourselves …

Our little one bedroom home in Atenas.

The Long Road to Finding Home

Now that the honeymoon portion of our adventure was over (literally, not figuratively:-), Doug and I had to find a place in Costa Rica to settle into. Finding a place to call home and making a commitment to one place was tougher than we thought. Especially after all the fun …


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