What About Archie?

The toughest decision – “What about Archie?”…


We tried and tried and tried.  In fact, I think more research went in to figuring out how to take our little fella with us to Costa Rica than the actual decision to quit our jobs.  The truth is, our toughest decision thus far has been “what about Archie?”

Archie is our two year old Frenchie who has become so much a part of our lives that it only seems appropriate and logical to base the starting point of our travel decisions on whether/how we can take him with us (I say that with at least five open half-packed boxes in our apartment, three days worth of packing left, and a storage container being delivered in two days). There was so much information on the internet about shipping vs. flying vs. driving that needed to be pieced together.  Every time we went to a new site it seemed as if we were getting brand new information that contradicted the previous site.  It even compounded when we would call airlines to receive information from their customer service rep that was in direct conflict to what was stated on their own websites!  The end of our line happened as we were shopping for a Toyota 4X4 circa 1990 and researching what to do if we encountered the Cartel by the Mexican border just to drive him down!

archie 2

After days  and maybe even weeks of research, there were more concerns about health risks and safety issues that out weighted our emotional attachment to always have Archie by our side. He is a very special pup with a lot of unusual needs and we finally gave in that Archie would be happier and safer staying in the U.S. being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa for a year.

Since Archie has a huge global fan base, we will make sure to provide updates on his adventure as well!

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