From California to La California – Our 1st Night in San Jose

After a mad rush to get all of our earthly possessions in a storage pod, safe deposit box or sold on Craigslist; we finally left California Friday night and thought we would be in San Jose by 5:30am on Saturday. However, the start of our adventure was put on hold for another 9 hours.


Delayed at Denver Airport on our way to Costa Rica
Delayed at Denver Airport on our way to Costa Rica

In our attempt to live frugal, we passed on a direct flight and even an indirect flight with a layover on the way to Costa Rica for a dirt cheap indirect flight in the wrong direction followed by a red eye flight.  As there is always a catch with a suspiciously low deal, we should have expected there would be some type of issue along the way. So of course during our layover in Denver, our flight was delayed a few hours before Frontier Airlines finally cancelled our flight to San Jose because they couldn’t find the pilot. Not sure if it’s because they forgot to schedule one, but they said they would definitely have a pilot ready to go the following morning. Hopefully they didn’t forget any other crucial details.

So 9 hours later we FINALLY arrived in San Jose. The weather here is beautiful and we also found Costa Ricans or Ticos to be extremely friendly and welcoming. Well, except for the ones that we haven’t met yet that I have in my mind are determined to rob us. We tested this theory and also Doug’s hidden money belt, underwear wallet and leg passport holder (oops probably shouldn’t have told everyone this) last night by breaking the 1st rule in the travel books, “Don’t walk around deserted streets in a foreign country at night!” The good news is that Costa Ricans and Doug’s security system passed the test. It was fine walking around at night and there were really no issues or scary moments, but I still don’t suggest it.


Doug’s solution to banking in Costa Rica

Since we arrived late, we didn’t get to explore too much. We ended our 1st day in Costa Rica with dim sum at Wok & Noodles and drinks at this cool little bar called Trocadero (thanks for the tip Marsco & Audra!) in barrio La California. How appropriate!


Image 2
Dinner at Wok & Noodles.

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