Video: Fortaleza El Coyotepe Dungeon Tour

Fortaleza El Coyotepe
Fortaleza El Coyotepe

A video clip of our tour through the dungeons and torture rooms underneath Fortaleza El Coyotepe in Masaya, Nicaragua. Originally built in 1893 to protect the land, the Somoza regime later built dungeons 3 levels deep for their political prisoners. It housed at times more than 800 prisoners who lived there in horrific conditions and were tortured, raped or killed.  It is also believed that the dead bodies of the prisoners were flown and dumped into the crater of the Masaya Volcano. The fortress was eventually overrun by the Sandista regime until it was abandoned in the early 1980’s. While left vacant for about 10 yrs, it was the site of satanic rituals and where Ghost Hunter International filmed an episode.

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