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Life in Atenas

Most days back in the States fell into a very monotonous routine where everything centered around work for both of us.  It felt like weekdays were a long blur and the weekends were the only times we could truly be ourselves. Due to the nature of our jobs, we found ourselves …

Our little one bedroom home in Atenas.

The Long Road to Finding Home

Now that the honeymoon portion of our adventure was over (literally, not figuratively:-), Doug and I had to find a place in Costa Rica to settle into. Finding a place to call home and making a commitment to one place was tougher than we thought. Especially after all the fun …


iPhone Junkie No Mo’!

I was 16 when I got my first cell phone.  It was a “sleek” Nokia with a nob top antenna, which was a far advancement from the first gen. bag phones and second wave brick phone (Zack Morris special). It came out about the same time as the original flip …

Jennette & Doug

Hello friends and welcome to our adventure!

We are Jennette and Doug  – two American newlyweds who decided to leave our corporate gigs in California and experience life on the outside.  As we started down this path from an idea to a reality, our “wish list” of culture, stability and cost continued to lead us to Costa …


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